Design elements of the trellis were derived from elements of the house. This helped create unity between the two structures.

Seamon’s Studio

Transformation. A collaboration between an artist and a builder transformed a dilapidated free-standing garage into a thriving creative space. Harmony within the space the studio occupied was essential to satisfying the philosophical needs of the client and inspire his artwork.


It’s Fibonacci! The tile dimensions are derived from the Golden Ratio: 1.618. The Golden Ratio helps the patio meld with the natural environment which it resides.

Blaine Guest House

We stayed up late watching the stars shift through the night. From this insight, we angled the main living space to facilitate optimum star gazing. Sand was taken from the Holston River to make concrete for the customer counter.

Beaus Bend Modern Home

Built from scratch with minimal environmental impact. An engineered grid-system gravel driveway reduced the use of impermeable surfaces. We utilized an engineered foundation drain system to eliminate the need for gutters. This system equally disperses rainwater around the house, reducing erosion.