Privacy Policy – PRIVACY POLICY

Introduction, Agreement to Privacy Policy and Changes

(i) McNabb Modern Construction, its affiliates, subsidiaries or related entities (collectively, “Company” or “we”), collects and utilizes a variety of information about users of the its websites, mobile applications, social media interfaces, forums, blogs, listings and related applications and services (collectively, “Services”), and we want you to be informed about Company’s practices with respect to the collection, use and storage of such information through this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is supplemental and complementary to the Terms & Conditions of Use associated with the Site and Services. Any defined terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the same definitions provided in the Terms & Conditions of Use if not specifically defined herein.

(ii) By using the Services, you agree to this Privacy Policy and consent to the use of your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

(iii) Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Privacy Policy, at any time, to the maximum extent allowed by law. It is your responsibility as a user of the Site to periodically review this Privacy Policy for changes; however, for registered users of Services, notices of changes to this Privacy Policy will be automatically supplied to the e-mail address associated with your registration. Continued use of the Site following the posting of any changes to the Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the changes.

What Type Of Information Is Collected?

(i) Personally Identifiable Information – Company may collect personally identifiable information (“PI”). PI is information that conveys sufficient information to associate that information with a given user by name. Such information may include, but is not limited to, name, phone number, home or business address, e-mail address, Services account information, social media account information and financial information.

(ii) Non-Personally Identifiable Information – Company may collect non-personally identifiable information (“NPI”). NPI is information that does not, on its own, permit it to be associated with a specific user by name. Such information typically may include, but is not limited to, items such as IP addresses of devices from which the Services are accessed or upon which the Services are used, demographic information, location information, device information, activities related to use of the Services, website visits, search inquiries, links followed or browsing history, information from cookies, beacons or other embedded or downloaded web utilization tools and information from outside service or data providers.

(iii) Public Information – Company may collect Public Information. Public Information is information submitted by you with your intention that it be shared and it may contain PI, NPI or both. Public Information may include, but is not limited to blog posts, forum posts, social media posts, and/or information submitted via web or mobile form for submission to an outside party. It is important to note that when originally submitted, access to Public Information may be limited to certain types or to certain groups of users depending upon the options available through the particular Service and the nature of the Service utilized; however, those users with access to the submitted information can further post or disseminate that information beyond what the user expects or intends. Care should be taken when submitting Public Information. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy once submitted, since you intend for it to be publicly disclosed.

How Is Information Collected by Company?

(i) Entered Information – Either PI or NPI, or both, may be collected by Company when you fill out a form, register for an account, or are otherwise prompted by a Service or a third party linked website or service to submit information.

(ii) Posted Information – PI, NPI and Public Information, or all three, may be collected by Company when you post to blogs, forums, external sites accessed through the Services or social media services or platforms linked to the Services.

(iii) Automatically Collected Information – Various automated technologies may be used to collect information related to your internet, mobile and social media activity as it relates to interaction with our Services. For the most part, this information primarily consists of NPI; however, when combined with other information, such as entered information and/or public information, it could become PI. Automated information collection technologies may include cookies, web beacons, pixel tags and similar files and techniques. Various privacy or security features of devices or browsers allow the user to decide whether and how much information certain automated information collection technologies will be allowed to collect; in the event that such features are enabled by a user, the functionality, ease of use, or relevance of the Services may be negatively impacted or unavailable.

(iv) Outside Obtained Information – PI, NPI, and Public Information, or all three, may be obtained by Company from third party lead generation, data mining, marketing or customer list vendors.
How Is Collected Information Used By Company?

(i) PI – PI will be used:

For the purpose identified when it is collected (such as to create an account, transmit inquiries in response to user submissions, sweepstakes, promotions, contests, submissions for posting on blogs or forums, etc.);

For Company and its strategic partners and service providers to keep you posted on any product-related updates or announcements, upcoming events, updates to Company services, promotions, contests or affiliated marketing information;

To help Company, its strategic partners and service providers create, deliver, operate or improve their products and services and the Services and for auditing and data analysis purposes; and/or
For loss and fraud prevention, legitimate law enforcement purposes, security purposes, to address any violation of the Terms & Conditions of Use, this Privacy Policy or any other provision related to use of the Services and/or to verify the identity of a user where necessary or appropriate in the interests of safety or security.

(ii) NPI – NPI is typically used to improve the Services and may further be used to customize your user experiences when using the Services. NPI may also be aggregated both internally at Company and/or in cooperation with strategic partners, service providers and other third parties, for use in developing usage and routing information for analyzing and managing internet and mobile network usage and optimization or for sales and marketing purposes. However, in addition, NPI may be used in any lawful manner and without further consent.

(iii) Public Information – Public Information is typically used for the purpose for which you submit it. However, Public Information may be used in any lawful manner and without further consent. Furthermore, as previously described, once Public Information is submitted, posted or transmitted, neither Company nor the user has control over its use.

Is Collected Information Shared With Third Parties?

(i) PI – PI may be shared:

With third parties or other users when explicitly or impliedly authorized by the user (for example, when completing a form inquiring about something on the SITE or submitting financial information for making a purchase of goods or services, to the extent offered through the Site). Such third parties shall be responsible for how the information is used, so care should be taken to review any Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy of any third party websites or services to which information is sent or to verify the trustworthiness and legitimacy of any third party to whom information may be sent;

With strategic partners who work with Company to deliver or market the Company’s Services and related services or items, such as cross-promotional activities, promotions, contests, user-specific content, etc. Strategic partners will only use the PI for the purposes related to the Services or Company; this information will not be provided to third parties for their unrelated marketing purposes unless agreed to by the user;

With contracted service providers to enable, support, improve and deliver the Services; this information will not be provided to third parties for their marketing purposes and service providers will be contractually obligated to protect your information using commercially reasonable methods and techniques; and/or

With other third parties as required by law, legal process and/or legitimate request from a public or governmental agency in matters related to loss or fraud prevention, law-enforcement, security, personal or public safety, or in regard to any claim or enforcement of any provisions of the Terms & Conditions of Use, this Privacy Policy or as applicable to any of the Services.

(ii) NPI may be shared with any third party for any lawful purpose.

(iii) Public Information may be shared with any third party for any lawful purpose.

How May I Control The Use Of My PI Or Opt-Out Of Being Contacted?

Your PI will only be used as specified above. To further limit the use of your PI, you may delete any user account, refrain from submitting PI on forms or in response to prompts or by sending a deletion request to [Insert PI Deletion Request Link Here]. You may also Opt-Out of unsolicited marketing, promotional or sales contact [Insert Opt-Out Link Here] which may limit the frequency and nature of unsolicited contacts received from Company. In some instances related to the establishment of accounts and/or submission of data from forms or in response to the Services selected by you, you may have the option to opt-in or opt-out to certain types of contact.

You may not opt-out of contacts related to specific submissions or inquiries by you, directly related to the establishment, management or operation of your user account (unless that user account is deleted or canceled) and/or as necessary to insure or protect the safety and security of the services, websites, accounts, users or Company.

Data Retention

Company will retain your PI for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy or for as long as is required or allowed by law or as otherwise commercially reasonable. Even after cancellation of your account or submission of an information deletion or correction request, any information you have transmitted or posted to third party services or websites may be retained by those services websites and may remain publicly available in accordance with their terms and conditions and/or privacy policies. Company may also retain backup information related to your PI, NPI and Public Information for some time after any cancellation, deletion or correction request for fraud detection or to comply with applicable law, regulation or internal security policies. It is not always possible to completely remove or delete all of your information due to technical constraints, or due to legal, contractual or financial obligations.

Information Security – PI and NPI

(i) Storage – Information stored by Company in relation to the Services is stored by Company, its strategic partners or its contracted third party service providers in facilities and on servers protected in accordance with industry standards regarding data security and protection.

(ii) Transmission – The transmission of PI by any Service utilizes industry-standard data transmission/encryption techniques or processes, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, or other secure data transmission technologies for internet or mobile data services. As a matter of good personal information security, users should verify that they are located on a secure transmission website and utilizing a web browser, or mobile platform/application, that supports such secure data transmissions prior to entering and submitting any sensitive PI.

(iii) User Warning – Although Company takes commercially reasonable precautions regarding the integrity and safety of its stored data and all data transmissions, no precautions can be 100% effective in preventing breaches of data security, disclosure or the interception of transmissions and no representation or warranty to that effect is made by Company. The user should engage in good data security practices as well, such as protecting account usernames/passwords appropriately, utilizing sufficiently complex passwords and changing them periodically, completely exiting browsers used to transmit PI on devices accessible to others, routinely monitoring credit reports and other reasonable information security practices and recommendations.

Third Party Sites

As a convenience to our users and to enhance the experience of using the Services, Company may include content and links to third party websites or services. These websites and services will have their own terms and conditions of use and privacy policy. It is the user’s responsibility to review and understand those terms and conditions of use and privacy policies. Company’s Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy will not extend to any use of a third party website by any user.


The Services are intended for access and use by adults over the age of 18. Certain of the Services allow for the public posting of information in listings, forums, blogs and social media services which are accessible to anyone with access to the internet. Any access or use of the Services by anyone under the age of 18 should be under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Any transaction, submission or other interaction undertaken by anyone under the age of 18 without the direct supervision and express permission of a parent or legal guardian is null and void and strictly prohibited.

Location Of Information And Origin Of Services

The Services are owned and hosted by Company in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A. If you are a user located outside of the State of Tennessee and/or the United States, you understand and consent to having your information processed inTennessee and the United States. Tennessee and United States law related to data protection and other relevant laws may not be the same as those in your location, including the use of cookies or other automated usage and tracking technologies described previously. To the fullest extent allowable, Tennessee and United States laws govern the use of the Services and this Privacy Policy.

California Residents’ Privacy Rights

California Civil Code §1798.83 sets forth certain rights for users who are California residents. Once per year, free of charge, any user of the Services is entitled to request and obtain from Company any information about the personal information (if any) of the user that we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year. To the extent applicable, this information would include the types of personal information shared and the names and contact information of each third party with whom the personal information was shared. California residents should make such requests to: Support Contact

Company Is Not A Financial Institution; Handling of Financial Information

Company does not engage in lending, exchanging, transferring, investing for others, safeguarding for others money or securities, brokering loans or servicing loans. Company is not a financial institution and does not make credit determinations or enter into loans or other financing transactions related to a any purchase transaction that might be facilitated through the Site.



Contact Us

Company welcomes any question, feedback or suggestions related to this Privacy Policy. Submissions can be submitted by accessing the following link and filling in the submitted form: Support Contact